Oliva di Vita
623 Genesee Street
Delafield, WI 53018

Store Hours
Mon. - Fri. - 10am to 6pm
Saturday - 10am to 5pm
Sunday - 10am to 2pm


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Oliva di Vita Ultra Premium Certified
- The New Standard in EVOO!

We offer the best 100% Extra Virgin Olive Oils from around the world. Our oils are the first extraction from only the freshest, tastiest olives. Treat your tastebuds with our exquisite twelve year and eighteen year aged balsamic vinegars, or our delicious flavored vinegar selections like pomegranate, fig, blueberry, and many more!

Store Interior

Oliva di Vita store

Products include:

  • Olive Oils
    • Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO)
    • Fused EVOO
    • Gourmet Oils
    • Infused Oils
  • Vinegars
    • Balsamic
    • Specialty
    • White Balsamic
  • Salts & Seasonings
  • Books
  • Gifts